Three-week course

Welcome to DAY 1 of week 2 of the course!

We are back to the first sequence from the last week. Take one to three sessions, and as before, follow slow and steady rhythm set by your breath. Use a slight delay of movement in relation to your breath, and see if it is helping you to relax.

When bending forward (from 2:35), start the movement from you pelvis preserving the concave shape of your lumbar spine. Otherwise when movement is initiated in the lower back and it forms a convex upwards shape, tension in this region may lead to strain or even an injury. Similarly when lifting up (2:55-3:00) also be careful to start the movement from your hips, preserve the concave position of your lower back and not to strain it. Do not do this forward bend if you have any spine injuries, such spinal hernia or fractured vertebrae.

After two or more sesions please lie down in savasana pose exporing how your body feels after the sequence. Start gradually relaxing your body from your toes, moving upwards and finishing with jaws, tongue and eyes.

This sequence is deeply relaxing and if you are doing it in the evening, will help you to bring you mind back to your body.

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DAY 1. Tadasana Vinyasa

Tomorrow, please move to DAY 2 of week 2.