Three-week course

Welcome to DAY 3 of week 1 of three-week Yoga course!

Today, we are going to explore Trikonasana Vinyasa again. This time when reaching up at 0:10, pull your hands as high as possible, while drawing your tailbone down, everything on one inhale. This is a very invigoration and warming pose. In downward-facing dog (adomukha svanasana 0:45), press the bases of the index fingers into the ground.

In th triangle pose (trikoanasana), rest your hand belo the knee as long as it is comfortable and your spince can remai straight. Otherwise do go so deep into the pose and keep your hand above the knee.

The sequence is shown only for one side, repeat it for the other side of the body (left leg forward, etc.). Repeat the sequence for both sides, then rest lying on our back. If you have any questions you can send us an email on toma@vinyasainstitute. org, or share it on Easy Yoga Groups on Facebook.

DAY 3. Trikonasana Vinyasa

Tomorrow please move to DAY 4.

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