Three-week course

Welcome to DAY 5 of week 2 of the course!

Today DAY 6, the final sequence for the week. Do only these parts of the video which are comfortable for you. Inverted poses offer many health benefits, but if you have any health conditions (particularly problems with eyes, brain or neck injuries etc.) this pose is not for you. Please consult this with your doctor.

Backbends at the beginning and the end of the vinyasa are invigorating. If you repeat them many times in the evening, just before going to bed, you may find yourself having difficulties with falling asleep. In that case you can do a forward bend, like the child's pose at the end of vinyasa from day 6.

You can also just imagine doing this sequence yourself, and staying in your favourite pose (such as lying) focus on breathing.

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DAY 5. Viparita Karani Vinyasa

Tomorrow DAY 6 of week 2.