Three-week course

Welcome to DAY 2 of week 3 of the course!

Today we will work on Setubandha Vinyasa. We will only do the first part of the video (to 1:07) to gently prepare for the rest of the program. Beacuse the vinyasa stregthens back muscles, this is a great sequence for anyone with back problems. It also helps to relax tensions in the upper back and of course stregthens thighs. When lowering your back and putting it on the ground, please start with the upper vertebrae and then continue one by one with sacrum touching the ground the last. Repeat this sequence afew times.

Similarly as yesterday, please focus on both aspects of breating: gentle extended breath and slight lag between breath and movement. Laziness is a virtue here, do your best :-). Feel free to do the sequence as many times as you want though (your body may hurt a little bit tomorrow though). Explore, how the extended breath feels. How do you feel on the physical level? Does it have eny effect on your mental level?

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DAY 2. Setubandha Vinyasa

After completing DAY 2, please move to DAY 3.