Beyond the course

Now when you are familiar with numerous vinyasas, I would like you to try using them as balancing sequences. This time we will first with more static work on mastering a singe asana, virasana (hero pose) and suptavirasana (reclining hero pose).

Start in virasana by choosing a hard cussion or a bolster of appropriate height. You can also sit on a block as long as your knees are comfortable and can be joined together. Stay in this pose until you can fully and comfortably relax in it. Spend a few to several minutesworking in this pose.

Next, start leaning to the back, however make sure that you rotate the pelvis backwards as is shown in order to avoid any tension in the lumbar area.

In a similar way you can work in other asanas such as badhakonasana, or ekapada rajakapotasana and balance them with Setubandha Vinyasa and Trikonasana Vinyasa respectively.