Three-week course

Welcome to DAY 1 of week 1 of the course!

The sequence in the video below is a short vinyasa designed to warm up the body and experience breathing in its full length. Although very simple, it is also a very grounding vinyasa. Watch the video and pay attention to relation between movement and breathing.

Gentle and prolonged breathing has many health benefits. Deepening breath and slowing it down not only supports relaxation but also increases the level of carbon dioxide in blood which results in increased absorption of oxygen from blood to body cells (Bohr effect).

By following gentle and relaxed breath, own natural rhythm of transitions between poses in the sequence can be found. For some people this may be faster, for some slower. For more experienced yogis the length of full breath cycle may even be a few minutes, although this should only be done when feels comfortable.

The music is not a necessary part of the practice. :) Share your comment on EaseYoga group.

DAY 1. Tadasana Vinyasa

Tomorrow, move to DAY 2.