Three-week course

Welcome to DAY 3 of week 1 of three-week Yoga course!

Start by setting your intention.

Today, we are going to explore more classic hatha yoga poses, including trikonasana and warrior II. The sequence below is shown for one side of the body.

Watch the video until you remember the sequence. You can close your eye and recall the sequence from the video in your mind. Imagine how you would feel if you were doing it. Perhaps you can feel some of your muscles are stretching. Do the sequence in you mind for both sides of the body.

Try doing a section of the sequence. IF this seems easy, pay attention to gentle extended breath and slight lag between breath and movement. Explore, how the extended breath feels. Breath is subtle, not too deep and not too fast.

DAY 3. Trikonasana Vinyasa

After completing DAY 3, please move to DAY 4.