Three-week course

Welcome to DAY 6 of week 1 of the course!

Start with motivation.

This is the final sequence for the first week and we are doing a deep twist. As they improve blood circulation in the intervertebral areas, twists are very nourishing for the spine. They decompress the areas between vertebrae, and also remove tension and mental fatigue, thus are also very beneficial for the nervous system.

If sitting on the floor is difficult for you, you can equally well do this pose sitting on a chair.

Because this pose is very relaxing, it is also great to do it in the evening just before going to sleep. If you are practicing in the morning and you want to energise your body, try some backbends afterwards, like setubandha from day 2, cobra pose (bhujangasana) which we did on day 4, or fish pose (matyasana), the last pose in the sequence from day 5.

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DAY 6. Bharadvajrasana

After completing DAY 6, please move to DAY 7.