When there is no water in a marsh, all life is exhausted. Similar is a man without his inner resolve.
Yi Jing, hex. 47

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The following exercises may take longer at the beginning of the course, and will become easier with time.

1. Find a comfortable spot and consider which element in your life you would like to improve. How would better health contribute?

2. When you are completely sure what you want, close you eyes and relax. Start with relaxing your toes, feet, legs, abdomen, chest, hands up to the muscles of your face, tongue and eyes. Give yourself as much time as you can.

3. Slowly wakeup. What any images or ideas come to your mind? What emotions did they bring? These emotions may not be positive at first. Continue doing this exercise until your mind starts bringing inspiring thoughts and images.

If you want you can track the time spent everyday on this course. You can for example use a time tracking app on you mobile.